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Experience the medieval Bosnia! The accommodation offer in Kraljeva Sutjeska in family residences, apartments of tourist enterprise “Katarina”, is the right place for those who would like a vacation in a place where you can experience and learn about the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, since the Bosnian bans and kings till the present days, to taste ethno – gastronomic cuisine and traditional drinks from the territory of Kraljeva Sutjeska, and to hike through the royal paths leading to the royal town/fortress Bobovac...

WELL DONE! – Tourist enterprise “Katarina” puts a special focus on the promotion of local products and traditions, and all their dishes in the menu are prepared in a traditional way by the housewives/hostesses from Kraljeva Sutjeska and from their own domestic ingredients, presenting the gastronomic heritage of this territory. Most of the ingredients in the dishes and traditional drinks and liquors were produced in an ecologic and organic way in Kraljeva Sutjeska. “Katarina” is known for organizing regular local actions of cleaning the environment, mainly including youth, in order to develop among them the awareness on protection of the environment and natural resources of their local territory, starting from their youngest days.

AROUND THE TABLE – Typical lunch includes:  pitas (typical local pies – sirnica –made of local soft cheese, buredžike- made of minced meat, zeljanica- spinach), meat (traditionally baked veal. chicken), local cheese (smoked, fresh), ecologically grown salad form local farms (cabbage, paprika), all types of drinks: home made fruit brandy – rakija (plum, apple), liquors, juices, beer, wine, several types of cakes, coffee. * Consumption of food and drinks is unlimited.

SURROUNDINGS - The facilities are located in the very centre of Kraljeva Sutjeska, in the immediate vicinity of the Franciscan monastery, few minutes walk from the remains of the castle Kotromanic, near  one of the oldest Bosnian houses, and one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The village Kraljeva Sutjeska is located 12 km from the city Kakanj, which is the administrative centre of the municipality. Municipality Kakanj is located in the Zenica-Doboj Canton, Central Bosnia Region.  Kraljeva Sutjeska, together with the fortress Bobovac was the royal residence of two Bosnian kings, King Stjepan Tomaš and King Tvrtko from the royal dynasty Kotromanić. This village is famous for its Franciscan monastery and its library and a museum. Besides the monastery, here is also located the Dusper house, the oldest house in central Bosnia, which originates from the early 18th century. The house is a national monument and is under state protection. Restoration has not yet been made, but the house is still open to the public and is an excellent example of authentic Bosnian architecture. In addition to this house at the entrance to the village is one of the oldest Bosnian mosques which according to tradition was built in just a few days.

PRICES: Prices are negotiable, depending on the number of tourists in the group, and very favourable. The prices include a local guide, museum curator, visit to the library, museum, interior of the church, remains of the castle Kotromanić next to the monastery, the tour of the oldest house in Bosnia (exterior), the tour of the oldest mosque in Bosnia and visit to the royal fortress Bobovac.



WEBSITE: http://www.turist-katarina.vze.com/

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Tourist agency „Katarina“

Street Kraljice Katarine 6

72244 Kraljeva Sutjeska

TEL/FAX: ++387 32 779 091

GSM: ++387 61 433 470


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ADDRESS: Ulica Prva bb, 72230 Žepče, Bosna i Hercegovina

TEL/FAX:++387 32 880 273



The restaurant  is located along the main road M-17 (E-73) in the settlement Brankovići, located 8 km from Žepče in the direction of Maglaj. The restaurant has been operating since 1997 and is one of the oldest restaurants in the area of ​​Žepče. Although located along the main road, the restaurant attracts travelers by its peaceful surroundings, hidden in the shadows of tall pines and willows.

This family restaurant has a successful long-term business due to the efficiency of its personel which involves promoting energy conservation among employees, and loyalty to local products, ie acquire meat and vegetables locally. In this way the restaurant helps promoting local producers and provides a controlled descent quality food for its guests. Another form of promotion of local area are handicrafts made by the local population and exposed in the restaurant so that guests can stay familiar with the cultural and natural heritage of this region.

AROUND THE TABLE - The restaurant offers a wide selection of grilled dishes, steaks, various prepared foods, fish, but its popularity among the faithful guests is due to local specialties such as veal and pork knuckle (ham), by which is especially famous among gourmets. The standard range of different drinks and aperitifs highlights several types of traditional local spirits - brandy and homemade wine from around Čitluk.

SURROUNDING - situated halfway between Žepče and Maglaj, the restaurant provides guests easy access to all facilities and tourist attractions such as the Church of Sv. John the Baptist in Brankovići, only 500 meters from the restaurant, or Maglaj medieval fortress, which is located just 6 km from the restaurant. If you are more interested in sport and recreation facilities and exploring the natural beauty of this area, the Pazarić Recreation Centers and the Gromilice Recreation Center are only a 15-minute drive from the restaurant.


Address: Brankovići bb, 72238 Ozimica, BiH

Phone: +387(0) 32 891 172

GSM: +387 (0) 63 376 203

ASSOCIATION „SLOW TOURISM“ Bosnia and Herzegovina

EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ADDRESS:  Ulica Prva bb, 72230 Žepče, Bosnia and Herzegovina

TEL/FAX:++387 32 880 273


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