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Day 1


  • 8: 00 arrival of tourists at the restaurant “Dubrovnik”, introducing of guests with the tourist guide, light breakfast,
  • Start of the tour: Pazarić, forest lake, Radunice, church of St. Anne  in Radunice,
  • Picnic – lunch in the nature
  • Overnight stay in the motels : „California“  or „Marić“  -  according to the guest’s choice

Day 2


  • 9:00 departure for the tour of sports and recreation centre „Gromilice“, hiking by the river  Fojnica, to the village Osova, tour of the church in Osova, and return to restaurant „Dubrovnik“
  • 15:00 lunch at the restaurant
  • Local souvenirs’ display and opportunity for buying
  • 17:00 departure

Organized by: Restaurant “Dubrovnik”

Duration: weekend arrangement

Short description: Over one weekend this arrangement provides the opportunity for tourists to visit, if desired by hiking, horseback riding, or by bus, and discover the rural beauties of Zepce. If you are fond of searching for hidden treasures, you can expect a challenge in finding forgotten historical treasures of this region, medieval tombstones – stećci - located at various locations throughout Pazarić hill. These tombstones depict the life of the Middle Ages, and represent a valuable heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region as shown by the fact that they are nominated for World Heritage List of UNESCO. If you are a recreational and sporty type of a tourist, fun awaits you in visiting the two sports and recreational centers "Pazarić", and "Gromilice", located in the hills above Žepče, where you can refresh yourself with a lunch in the nature, prepared from local home cooking recipes, made of environmentally produced local foods. In the small village of Radunica, situated at an altitude of 350 to 440m, tourists will be able to visit the church of St. Anne, built in the late 19th century and recently restored, as well as discover a beautiful forest and a lake. Another day brings, with easy walking or riding along the river Fojnica, a visit to the Church of the Assumption of Mary, from the 19th century, located in a pine forest in the village Osova.

Additionally there are seasonal attractions for tourists such as: picking mushrooms, berries and herbs, traditional brandy-rakija distilling, and performances of local folklore – cultural societies introducing the folklore of this region.

The arrangement is especially suitable for the following target groups of tourists: all groups of domestic and foreign tourists (depending on the group, arrangement can be additionally adjusted)

Number of guests/tourists per arrangement: max. 40 to 50 participants

Individual price of package per participant: 110,00 BAM /55, 00 EUR

PRICE INCLUDES: food, overnight stay, tourist guide services, and necessary entry tickets


Contacts for all further information on booking this arrangement:

Restaurant “Dubrovnik”

Contact persons: Anto Pavlović, Kristina Pavlović

ADDRESS: Brankovići bb, 72238 Ozimica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

TEL: +387(0) 32 891 172

GSM: +387 (0) 63 376 203



Association "SLOW TOURISM" Bosnia and Herzegovina

Address: Street Prva bb, 72230 Žepče

TEL / FAX: +387 (0) 32 880 273

EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This family restaurant has been operating for six years, and during this period is profiled as a restaurant with the widest selection of wine and fish specialties in the region. Although located near the town with stunning views of Žepče, the restaurant represents a green oasis that offers every guest the luxury of relaxing and enjoying the superb local cuisine.

WELL DONE - The restaurant supplies over 6o percent of the vegetables needed for cooking from its own domestic economy „Pervan“, grown ecologically. In addition to vegetables, family business produces various kinds of spirits - the traditional local spirits that are on the wine list but also offered for sale as souvenirs. Since the restaurant - wine shop in everyday business has a lot of empty glass wine bottles, this waste disposal problem is solved in a creative way. These bottles are re-used in the production of domestic spirits and liqueurs, illustrated as souvenirs, and used in a glass fence, making a decorative and distinctive detail of the exterior of  the restaurant, and also reminding all the guests of the necessity of recycling and the fact that the potential waste can be a nice environmental decoration.

AROUND THE TABLE - Dioniz has gained the status of a wine shop, as one of only a few such restaurants in BiH, due to offer of more than 60 types of wine from the region. Beside wine, the restaurant is especially proud to offer over 10 different types of domestic spirits and liqueurs prepared from a series of local fruit trees: apples, plums, pears, cherries... The restaurant is known for its wide range of dishes prepared of marine and freshwater fish, as well as local and national dishes, and the possibility of preparing traditional dishes: dishes under sač and pork roasts to order. Another example of the concern about the environment and guests is Children's Menu and Vegetarian Menu, which are available to guests.

SURROUNDING - The restaurant – wine shop is located on the outskirts of Žepče on the way to Zavidovići, near the bus station. In just five minutes walk guests can reach the center of Žepče of which they can learn even more by visiting religious and cultural monuments, current events, and other interesting facilities, and proximity of the bus station allows visitors a quick access to other towns in the region: Zenica, Zavidovići, Maglaj...

Dioniz has been organizing Rakijada, tourism - gastronomic event for hundreds of its loyal guests, for several years. This event is organized in autumn and allows guests to take part in the production of fruit brandy in the traditional way as the local manufacturers did from time immemorial, and  taste the local specialties: meat and vegetables made under the sač.



Bukovik bb, 72230 Žepče

Phone: +387(0)32 883 300

GSM: +387(0)63 376 050

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


ASSOCIATION „SLOW TOURISM“ Bosnia and Herzegovina

EMAIL:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ADDRESS:  Ulica Prva bb, 72230 Žepče, Bosnia and Herzegovina

TEL/FAX:++387 32 880 273


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