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A brief description of the arrangement:

Ozren mountain marathon (OPM) is a traditional international gathering of mountaineers, professional athletes and recreational athletes - nature lovers, which is held every first weekend in June. In 2012 year, it was organized for the eighth time. In earlier years, the participants were foreign mountaineers (Hungary, France, Italy, Serbia, Croatia ...) in the average number of 300 participants. Organizers are PD "Ozren-Kraljica 883", Tourist Organization Petrovo, the Municipal Sports Association. Organizers have in recent years, projected, edited and marked 4 hiking trails through very attractive parts of Ozren:

  1. The Pleasure Trail (6 km) designed for mountain walking (destination: Ozren monastery - Jadrina river and swimming areas)
  2. The Small Marathon Trail (25 km) is intended for the half day trip (destination: Ozren monastery - River Jadrina - Brezici with ethnic ambience, accommodation, meals and lodging if desired – in the mountain lodge Kraljica in a natural setting, for one-day and multi day trips, camping, with indoor accommodation indoors in single and double rooms, if desired by engaging a tour guide, organizing food supply)
  3. The Middle Marathon Trail (50 km) is intended for an all-day trip for experienced mountaineers (destination: Manastir Ozren - Jadrina River - Scout House "St. Nicholas" in Kakmuž - proximity of thermal spa "Spa Ozren" - mountain peak Kamenica - Brezici - Kraljica - The Monastery Ozren; with similar or the same contents as the middle marathon trail - in the opinion of participants from previous years, the most beautiful trail of the marathon
  4. The Ultra Marathon Trail (101 ks) for experienced and tested hikers and mountaineers. (Destination: everything as on the Middle Marathon Trail, plus from "Spa Ozren" the trial takes you to the once popular resort Springs Sočkovac - River Prenj in Karanovac - peak Gostilj - Rajčevo and Okolišta - Ostravica, the highest peak of Ozren - Brezici - Kraljica – Monastery Ozren. During the whole length the trail offers a range of recently furnished and newly renovated destinations in the course of each year.

Already this year, certainly in the near future, all existing and newly designed trails will form a network of hiking trails - mountain transversal Ozren that will provide a nice experience and satisfaction to every visitor during the entire year with various content.

The attractiveness of the package is confirmed each year through an increased number of participants (on the Ozren Mountain Marathon), which come back in smaller groups throughout the whole year and by hiring a mountain guide they undergo the same trails or trails of their choice.

On all trails the offered destinations or destinations that are becoming more attractive year after year are offering visitors local specifics:

  • Local food and products (traditional pop roast,  meat and dairy products, honey, homemade brandy rakija made of plum, pear, apple, quince, honey and many others)
  • For each period of the year the trails pass through the areas where traditional gatherings and events are held with original local tradition (celebration of the holiday Assumption of Mary in Ozren monastery, Orthodox Easter Cross,  Ozren dragovanje, St. Peter’s day trip to the Kraljica peak, Days of Tea in Gostilj, Burning Christmas Eve tree, Kiseljak choir, Pentecost choirs, Golden Ozren kettle ...);
  • Each trail as well as the whole Ozren area is rich in sources of drinking water, thermo-mineral waters, predominantly conifer forests and clean air at an average altitude of 500-600m (as an example: Resort “Spa Ozren” was until the 80-ies famous as the "air spa" for hikers, campers and visitors.)


* Trails and routes - destinations can be modified by agreement. Also, the number of meals can be arranged as well as overnight stay in your own tents or the tents of the organizers on the tracks (for four-and five-day packages).


DURATION: With support, organization, partnership of local factors of this type of tourism offer, and especially mountaineering society "Ozren- Kraljica 883" it is possible to organize one-day to multi-day packages. The arrangements are possible on existing destinations, but also by the desire of visitors the arrangements of surprise are possible to organize (which ever package visitors choose, it is only required to announce it to the mountaineering society "Ozren- Kraljica 883", Tourism Organization of Petrovo will organize the content that will suit the most to the visitors - visitors make the choice and organization is made by mountaineering society and TO.

In the offer are one -day and multi-day packages (up to five days).

Two-day package includes:

  • the departure from Ozren monastery at 09:00, arriving at a beach of Orlovsko lake in 09:45 (resting and coffee on request).
  • Continue walking down the Small Marathon Trail, coming to the "Honey House" in Brezici around 12:00. (resting and coffee on request).
  • Continue walking and coming on the peak Kraljica around 13:30.
  • Lunch at the mountain hut (menu: pop roast in Ozren method, or beans from the pot on camp fire).
  • Sleeping in a mountain lodge and return to the monastery in the morning hours the next day.

The three-day package includes:

  • a departure from Ozren monastery at 09:00,
  • arrival in the indigenous village Vrela on Ozren at 10:00 (coffee and breakfast with hosts on Ozren if desired).
  • The participants then continue walking and coming to the observation post Gradišnik around 12:30.
  • Short break and continue walking towards the village Mala Macedonia, then come on Eagle Lake (about 15:00). Lunch at the Forester's hut, next to Jadrinje around 16:00. Continue walking and Brezik arrival at around 19:00. Sleeping in the "honey house". On the second day of departure at 09:00 Brezik, climb the highest peak Ozren - Ostrvica, the return of the local church in addition to Visa and climb to the Queen. Lunch at the Queen and sleeping in a mountain hut. On the third day of walking and coming Ozren monastery.


Four-and five-day arrangements can be negotiated.

Target group of tourists: Domestic and foreign tourists, hikers, recreational purposes.

Number of participants / tourists per package: depending on the arrangement

Individual price per participant: One day, a group of 5 people: 22 KM /11 EUR (plus 10 KM/ 5 EUR per booking)

A discount on the greater number of participants:  depending on the arrangement

Price includes

Services of a guide: 50 KM/25 EUR (for entire group)

Price of one meal: 10 KM/5 EUR

Sojourn Tax: 1 KM/ 0,5 EUR

Insurance: 1 KM/ 0,5 EUR



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