Globarica cycling race Print

Organized by: Croat folklore society “Naša baština“ Globarica

Duration: daily tour

Short description of the daily tour:

Globarica cycling race is a recreational type ride starting from Globarica to Zavidovici - Viniste - Zepce - Bistrica- Zavidovici and ending in Globarica, crossing the distance of 49 kilometers. This cycling race promotes a healthy lifestyle. The venue of the cycling race is always the first Saturday in August.

The project arose from the need to improve the current life of the population in the local community Globarica, primarily of young people who make up 42% of the total population of this area. At a time when young people spend more time in the room in front of computer, socializing online, which is a worldwide growing trend carrying adverse consequences for young people, this arrangement motivates young people to live their lives to the fullest and not in cyber space, because the missed period of youth cannot be compensated. This arrangement promotes healthy living, enjoying and exploring of the local landscape, nature and sports.

Globarica cycling race is recognized as a significant cultural and sporting event for the fourth year, bringing together approx. 150 participants, and each year this number is growing. It becomes a gathering place for young people from Globarica, surrounding municipalities of Zepce, Zavidovici and Maglaj, and guests from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany…


Tour schedule:

  • 09:00: registration of participants
  • 10:00: departure from the school court in Globarica
  • 11:00: break in village Viniste with refreshments
  • 12:00: arrival in the town Zepce, participating in the ceremony of laying flowers at a monument in the town centre as a tribute to dead soldiers,
  • break with refreshments and sandwiches
  • 13:00: break in village Bistrica with refreshments
  • 14:00: arrival to village Globarica
  • 15:00 – 20:00: lunch, refreshments, raffle, and party for the participants

The arrangement is especially suitable for the following target groups of tourists: domestic and foreign tourists, recreationists, athletes, kids and youth, all who can ride a bike (minors must have an ensured escort of an adult)

Number of guests/tourists per arrangement: unlimited

Individual price of package per participant: 20,00 BAM/ 10,00 EUR (registration fee)


PRICE INCLUDES: refreshment drinks on three break stations, and sandwiches during one break. After the completion of the race, lunch for the participant, raffle and a party

Discounts: 5,00 BAM (2,50 EUR) for minors accompanied by adult

Contacts for all further information on booking this arrangement:


Folklore – cultural society/ HKUD „Naša baština“ Globarica

Contact person: Zoran Jozinović

GSM: ++387 (0) 63 818 278

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Association "SLOW TOURISM" Bosnia and Herzegovina

Address: Street Prva bb, 72230 Žepče

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it