Mission Print

Slow Tourism is a movement that aims at spreading sustainable and responsible tourism in order to protect tourist destinations by promoting the involvement and participation of travellers, local communities and tourism enterprises.
Slow tourism is a non profit international association funded in Italy in 2007 to promote a different kind of tourism focused on sustaining the right and pleasure for travellers to enjoy nature, culture, history, traditions and gastronomy of the places they visit.     
Slow tourism invites travellers to do a slow kind of tourism, to enter and get in touch with places to get to know them, live and “taste” them while at the same time promote their protection as patrimony of inestimable worth, as richness to be safeguarded for the common wellbeing.
Slow Tourism promotes travel and itineraries capable of creating strong connections with the territory, even with places not frequently known and visited by tourists, where natural and cultural resources can be discovered while always creating new experiences.
Slow Tourism promotes a tourism that facilitates interaction between residents and travellers that respects natural and cultural diversity and requires interest and respect for unknown local traditions.
Slow Tourism facilitates the adoption of the welcoming policy, which promotes the continuous improvement of the attractiveness of rural and urban territories within a context of sustainable social growth and environmental protection.