Rights and Duties of responsible travellers Print

Responsible travellers who join Slow Tourism Club commit themselves to following the principles below while travelling and visiting new places and locations. This means:

  • respecting, protecting and safeguarding the cultural and artistic patrimony, the environment, and the traditions of theĀ  visited territories;
  • looking for opportunities to encounter localcommunities, while respecting their habits and lifestyles;
  • reducing, as much as possible, the consumption of environmental resources by using public transportation means and other services that grant the smallest
  • environmental impact possible;
  • contributing, with the money spent during the stay, to support the local economy, and sustain especially those businesses that show a higher level of environmental
  • sustainability and the valorization of local identity;
  • becoming an ambassador of the principles and values promoted by Slow Tourism;
  • receiving a Slow Tourism Passport, the official document that certifies the sharing of Slow Tourism;
  • receiving the list of available Slow Tourism services;
  • being updated about activities and initiatives promoted by Slow Tourism;
  • promoting the tourism enterprises that participate to the network;
  • receiving a welcome gift by tourism enterprises affiliated with Slow Tourism